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How To Write A Compelling Story
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Oct 14, 2021
12:28 AM

A narrative is a piece of writing that tries to connect different events, incidents, people and places to tell an interesting story. Narrative writing is a common do my assignment given to students studying English literature or language in colleges or universities.


Many students struggle to write a compelling and engaging narrative. As a result, they often seek help from instant assignment help to write a good narrative.


However, practicing writing narratives all by yourself can be vital in building up your writing skills, a quality that can be useful later in your professional life. With this being said, I will discuss three expert tips to write a compelling narrative in this blog. Read on to know more.


>Expert tips for writing a compelling narrative


  1. Make a rough draft


It can be a good idea to try to make a rough draft for your narrative before you start human rights law essay writing your final one. In this way, you will be better able to write down your ideas and points that you want to cover in your content without forgetting them.


Also, in a rough draft, the structure of your narrative does not matter. Thus, you can write your ideas as soon as you develop them in your content and not worry about the structure. You can always compile it in your final content.


  1. Use first person


A narrative is a piece of writing that describes your own experiences. Thus, it would help if you always tried to write your narrative in the first person. Avoid using second or third-person perspectives as it contradicts the whole idea of writing a narrative. If you struggle to use the first person, you can search online for ways to frame a sentence using it.


Also, you have to be extremely careful while writing your sentences in the first person and pay the same attention to it as you would have while writing a specialized assignment like a science or even a resume builder.


  1. Build your character


In your narrative, you are the person describing the set of events that happened. Thus, to develop the reader's interest in your narrative, you should build up your character. A strong characterization forms the backbone of a good narrative.


To achieve this, you can start by giving some background details to the reader about yourself. You can also write about some events or use essay rewriter that served as a precursor to the main event you are writing about.


Final thoughts


After reading this blog, I hope you will write a narrative perfectly, all by yourself next time.


Source: https://charlesjoye.weebly.com/blog/expert-tips-for-writing-a-compelling-narrative

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