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Domestic violence: Mum begged for violent son to b
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Oct 13, 2021
8:54 PM
Domestic violence: Mum begged for violent son to be taken away

"I used to think, 'will my son kill me in my sleep?'"

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Lisa said her 13-year-old son James became so violent in lockdown last year, she feared for her life - and it seems she is not alone.

One service supporting families in Wales has seen a rise in "child on parent" domestic abuse - with children as young as five referred for help.

Nick Corrigan, of Parallel Lives, said "being locked in together" escalated the situation for a lot of families.

"The amount of times I thought about the knives downstairs," said Lisa. "And is he going to kill us in our sleep?"

When things were at their worst, she would insist James's two-year-old brother slept in with her for safety.

It was shortly after the UK went into lockdown because of the Covid pandemic in March last year, said Lisa, that his behaviour first changed, from a "model son and caring big brother" to a domestic abuser.

"He was staying in bed all the time," recalled Lisa, whose name has been changed to protect her identity.

"I wanted to get him up and make a family chicken casserole.

"He just got angry for no reason and went into the living room and threw the dog. Just picked the dog up and threw him.

"The dog squealed, and I just held it."

James, whose name has also been changed to protect his identity, used to affectionately refer to the family dog as his "son".

So the fact he could turn on his beloved pet made Lisa fear he could hurt any of them.

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