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Treatment of “osteoarthritis” with total knee repl
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Jul 22, 2021
1:18 AM
Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) is usually performed in patients with severe knee osteoarthritis. treated with other methods and did not disappear or the deformation has SLOTXO already occurred If the symptoms are severe, they should not be left for a long time. Because the surgery may be more complicated. and results after surgery that may not be as good as they should be
All knee replacement surgeries can last up to 10-20 years.
Of the more than 55,000 people who have had knee replacements, only 3.9% will need revision surgery in the 10 years after surgery.
in patients with osteoarthritis with chronic severe pain and other treatment methods such as medication If physical therapy is ineffective, the doctor may consider performing an artificial knee replacement surgery. Knee replacement surgery can be performed in a variety of age groups. Different age groups have different surgical techniques that are appropriate for each age, depending on the severity and symptoms of the disease. including other factors

Besides that Knee replacement surgery also avoids other body abnormalities. It also improves quality of life for patients as well. Knee replacement surgery is subject to the discretion of the physician and the indications. of the patient as well

Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA)
Dr. Kritsakamon Sitthun, a specialist physician Orthopedic branch Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital states that all knee replacement surgery Also known as TKA for short, it is a treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee. by surgery to remove all damaged or worn out knee joints Both the distal part of the femur (femur) and the upper part of the tibia (Tibia), both the medial and lateral parts (Medial and Lateral Compartment), are then replaced by a metal alloy prosthesis covering or covering the humerus. slashed with a special polyethylene sheet between the metal

This surgery is effective in patients with extensive damage to the cartilage and ligaments within the knee joint. including a deformity of the leg line A total knee replacement surgery will fix this problem all at once.

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